Empresa especializada en software CAD y CAE, diseño, consulting eléctrico, electrónico y magnetismo, así como en la formación de estas áreas.


Savings in ECAD licenses

Maximize work efficiency through improved communication among engineers from different disciplines making the same product. PollEx PCB Modeler aids better quality products by sharing schematics, PCBs and Gerber files without the need for expensive ECAD licenses.


Detect Design Faults in Early Design Stages

Various problems occurring post-design are difficult and costly to solve. PollEx PCB Verification enables significant cost-savings by detecting manufacturing, assembly and electrical defects and faults early in the designs. Validating designs based on rules from accumulated customers’ knowhow consistently maintains the highest design quality.


Easy, Fast and Accurate Analysis

PollEx PCB Solvers resolve electrical and thermal problems at early design stages. Using an easy link to the components’ library, a board setup based on a built-in materials library and combining 2D and 3D parasitic model extraction analysis, the solvers provide fast and accurate results. In addition, PollEx DFE+ offers a new unique solution by combining analysis with verification, which enables engineers to incorporate knowhow generated in the current analysis into the next PCB design.