Empresa especializada en software CAD y CAE, diseño, consulting eléctrico, electrónico y magnetismo, así como en la formación de estas áreas.


ECAD Design Review

  • Schematic design review from all major EDA vendors
  • Gerber (274D, 274X) data review
  • PCB design review from all major EDA ECAD vendors
  • Comparison between PCB-to-PCB and schematic-to-schematic designs
  • Comparison among PCB, schematic and BOM
  • Artwork/physical/composition layer view, query, search, and measure for PCB objects
  • Part, net, pad stack and via library
  • Save arbitrary design shapes under a different name with a reduced file size, with a password
  • Red-Mark (+) feature for comments
  • Net 2D/3D display, net topology display and automatic composite net generation


Verification - DFM, DFE and DFA

  • Checking items for DFM (500+), DFE (300+), DFA (50+) and DFE+ (50+)
  • DFM covers the manufacturing areas of board, component, drill, FPCB, package, pad, pattern, placement, and tooling.
  • DFE covers the electrical areas of high-speed signals, differential pairs, common nets, power, filters, components, and boards.
  • DFA covers the manufacturing assembly areas of collision, lead, placement, component and board.
  • DFE+ provides verification linked to solvers for signal integrity and thermal analysis.
  • Export customized and formatted Microsoft® Excel® reports of verification results.


Analysis - Signal Integrity, Thermal

  • Built-in material library
  • Signal integrity:
    • Transmission line analysis – TML analysis and trace optimization
    • Network analysis – Waveform analysis, eye diagram analysis, and network parameters (RLCG)
    • Crosstalk analysis
    • Net topology analysis, including topology editing function
  • Thermal:
    • Built-in package-dependent thermal resistance values for components
    • 3D finite element steady-state analysis results for thermal board contour, board top/bottom, and component junction temperature