Increasing efficiency by changing design paradigms for electric equipment

Global system performance prediction – from the design of the device to its final operational efficiency – using the most efficient design tools and methods, is key for organizations to innovate.

FluxMotor is a flexible standalone software tool focusing on the pre-design of electric rotating machines. It enables the user to design and create motors from standard or customized parts, as well as to intuitively add windings and materials to run a selection of tests and compare machine behavior.

Addressing a broad range of users, FluxMotor is easy to use with an efficient working environment allowing for the creation and performance evaluation of an electric motor within a few minutes.

FluxMotor is an easy-to-use and efficient dedicated predesign tool, targeting designers from all sectors related to the electric motors field
–Grégory Michaud
Electromagnetic Engineer, SoftBank Robotics.


High productivity gain

  • Automatically driven workflow offering an efficient user-oriented environment to different level of users
  • Facilitated project management, allow a quick access to past studies and to manage the full range of products
  • Creating a model of an electric motor and evaluating its technical-economic potential within a few minutes

No compromise on accuracy

  • Based on optimization technology, FluxMotor helps reduce computing time to the minimum, while maintaining accurate results
  • Computing methods wisely using the high power of finite element modeling
  • Settings adapted to the task levels of accuracy vs. rapidity

Connection for advanced studies

  • Easy project export to Flux to perform advanced studies like eccentricity, vibro-acoustic, etc.
  • At any time, the full parameterized Flux project, with all the physical properties embedded, is ready to be solved in Flux environment


Effective machines parts management

  • Libraries are provided with standard parts
  • A wide variety of slots or magnets are available
  • All the topologies are parameterized
  • Offered standard parts, slots or magnets, can be edited and customized for unlimited configuration

Productive interfaces to shape the machine

  • Step by step, from the shaft, rotor magnet to the slot, winding and housing of the stator, a dedicated interface guides users to finalize machine design
  • 4 different winding modes (from automatic to expert) help users to find the right winding architecture
  • Comprehensive and scalable material database

Testing and evaluating electric motors

  • The FluxMotor dedicated test environment enables users to assess motor performance
  • Example of tests ready to be performed:
    • Maps vs (Id, Iq): Flux, inductance, torque, iron losses, etc.
    • Open circuit tests with cogging torque and back-emf
    • Torque-speed curves & efficiency maps
  • Relevant input parameters allow users to control the test conditions
  • A detailed motor datasheet can be edited and exported

Powerful project management

  • The motor catalogue environment allows easy management of motors projects, helping the user to classify the machine and offering quick access to past studies
  • The general data and performance of several machines can be compared and help simplify the machine choice