HyperCrash is a CAE pre-processor developed to support RADIOSS, Altair's non-linear finite element solver. HyperCrash provides a comprehensive environment to study occupant simulations and other requirements of the crash-safety domain.

Fully supporting RADIOSS and LS-DYNA solvers, combining the power of an intuitive GUI with an automated set of proven crash and safety modeling procedures, HyperCrash enables users to realize unprecedented time savings while achieving high-quality, accurate results.


“In the past most of the dynamic analysis were done by testing or contracted out. Now with the use of HyperCrash the dynamic analysis can be simulated to reflect real world testing.”
–Spencer Ashie-Winns, Structural Engineering Manager
American Railcar.


Crash Industry Oriented Graphical User Interface

HyperCrash provides a highly tailored user interface for the creation, editing and set-up of crash and safety models. This streamlined interface is easy to learn and eliminates common errors by providing a powerful and solver-dedicated model checker.



HyperCrash is architected to pre-process multi-million element crash models efficiently. Database intensive operation such as model checking, de-penetration, mass calculation can be done quickly and accurately saving the user time.


Safety tools

Safety tools such as seat belt routing, dummy positioning, and seat deformation are available and easy to use. The complete setup can be done within HyperCrash, reducing the risk of error and improving efficiency.

Isoview of a truck model

Dummy positioning

Material curve review via model browser

Representation of the kinematic chain in a dummy model

Thickness contour plotting

Stress contour



The Quality module evaluates the quality of a model by performing hundreds of different checks on the part, component and model level. The module lets you execute a range of checks from simple element checks to part connectivity and modeling errors in the input deck. The quality module include:

  • Model checker to exercises hundreds of unique checks, tracks model robustness for crash worthiness criteria, allows user-defined criteria checks
  • Clean and simplify the model
  • Check connectivity to identify unconnected parts, failed connection, for failed welds
  • Check and automatically correct initial intersection/penetration


Mesh Editing

For modification of one or multiple parts HyperMesh can seamlessly be invoked during a HyperCrash session. The updated part can be published back to HyperCrash with only one mouse click.


Safety Tools Module

This module provides a streamlined, intuitive interface to set-up, edit and define all safety related characteristics for crash simulation and analysis. In addition to the standard set of safety tools, HyperCrash contains a unique seat deformer utility that allows the seat foam, on both the lower and back of the seat, to be deformed through pre-simulation. Safety module includes:

  • Dummy positioning
    • Interactively position dummy
    • Save and retrieve dummy positions
  • Seat belt routing module
  • Seat deformer module
  • Airbag toolset for the creation and folding of airbags


Mass Balance

The Mass Balance module completely manages the mass and inertia properties of each part as well as the entire crash model. After the masses are set for all parts and components, HyperCrash automatically balances the total mass of the model according to the mass on the front and rear tires. In addition, HyperCrash can:

  • Display the center of mass locations for each part, rigid body or a complete model.
  • Check and report the mass, inertia and center of mass location of each part, component and rigid body of a model.
  • Automatically fit the finite element model mass of each part based on the mass of the CAD part; mass is created if necessary.