HyperGraph is an extremely capable and highly automated plotting client for evaluation of thousands of curves without losing overview. It provides effortless curve manipulation and fits in seamlessly any work environment.

Altair HyperGraph is a powerful data analysis and plotting tool with interfaces to many popular file formats. Its sophisticated math engine is capable of processing even the most complex mathematical expressions. HyperGraph combines these features with high-quality presentation output and customization capabilities to create a complete data analysis system for any organization.


“Altair and HyperWorks help me to rapidly create and optimize new designs – making sure that a new design fulfills all requirements.”
–Giovanni Greco, Director of Engineering
Sea Ray Boats.


  • HyperGraph minimizes the manual effort and time required to generate plots. The automatic plot builder generates a family of fully labeled plots from data file(s). The plot builder is customizable. All new curves can be plotted in a predefined layout.
  • Eliminates repetitive tasks. Plot macros capture and automate common math expressions.
  • Report templates can capture and automate the building of entire pages of data plots. These can be reused for model variations and similar models.
  • HyperGraph’s interface and its tools are customizable to fit any engineering environment.
  • A library of over 200 mathematical functions is included and user defined math functions can be added.
  • HyperGraph supports units starting from data import all the way through predefined functions. Conversion between units cannot be easier.
  • Automation tools for efficient data analysis and report generation are provided.
  • Sequential test and simulation results can be overlaid for visualization and analysis.
  • TableView creates an Excel-like spreadsheet inside of HyperWorks Desktop. Value-dependent formatting allows for the easy detection of critical key point indicators (KPI's).
  • Active session can directly be exported to HTML or PowerPoint.

Bottle plot with HyperGraph 3D

Line plot with HyperGraph 3D

Raindrop plot with HyperGraph 3D

Surface plot with HyperGraph 3D

Multi-window and multi-page plotting environment HyperGraph

Waterfall plot for frequency analysis usecases


Plot Builder

Altair HyperGraph’s automatic plot builder generates a series of fully annotated XY plots, polar plots, bar charts and complex plots directly from engineering and test data files. A wide array of formatting options allows users to specify how plotted data appears and is arranged on pages within the session including math operations during import.


Plot Details

An intuitive, browser-driven interface provides direct access for users to edit or modify all plot areas including axes, header, footer, legend and curve properties. Multiple entities can be filtered and edited simultaneously using the plot browser property tables.


HyperGraph also contains a style sheet utility that captures all plot settings, such as fonts and colors, and applies them to other plots within a session. HyperGraph supports Linear, Log10, Log20 and Decibel axis scaling, a variety of line styles, symbols and colors, as well as full user-control of text size, color and style.


Analyzing Your Data

Create new math curves from existing data curves by writing mathematical expressions or by selecting from a library of over 215 built-in mathematical functions and operators. In addition users can take advantage of HyperGraph's interfaces with HyperMath, Python or MATLAB to utilize any existing math functions. HyperGraph also contains a sophisticated math engine for performing complex mathematical operations or building custom math expressions including:

  • Signal processing
  • Curve fitting
  • Filtering
  • Eigen system analysis
  • Integration and differentiation
  • Statistical analysis
  • Injury functions
  • User-defined math functions
  • User-defined expressions

In addition HyperGraph also provides these data analysis tools:

  • Configurable context sensitive menus to apply any math expression or macro to a curve with one click of the mouse.
  • Interactive visual features for inspecting data.
  • Reporting and retrieval of individual point data such as X and Y locations, slope and more.
  • Plot statistics calculated over a specified range on a curve including minimum, maximum, mean and standard deviation.
  • Custom statistics templates to highlight user/project statistics.
  • Plot annotations can contain an unlimited amount of text, math and string functions, operators and Templex statements. For better visibility notes can be minimized so that they only show up while hovering over them with the cursor.


Report Generation

HyperGraph has built in functionality to directly export entire sessions into predefined PowerPoint company templates. Users have detailed control of the formatting and the content that is exported. HyperGraph is embedding links into the PowerPoint report so that updates with new simulation results are possible at a later stage in the project. Animations can be exported as .avi, .gif or as Altair .h3d format which allows to animate simulations directly in a PowerPoint with the free .h3d HyperView Player.


Multi-window and multi-page post-processing sessions can be saved as report templates and applied to other result files, such as similar projects or model variants. Report export to PowerPoint.


Supported Data Formats

  • Altair® OptiStruct®
  • Altair® HyperMesh®
  • AcuSolve
  • DADS
  • Moldflow
  • Ride data files
  • Wavefront
  • Altair® H3D
  • Altair® RADIOSS
  • HDF5
  • Patran
  • RPC-3
  • xyDATA
  • Altair® Binary Format
  • Abaqus
  • ADVC
  • CFD Ensight
  • Excel
  • ISO 13499
  • Marc
  • nCode
  • UNV