• 17 February, 2021

    PSCAD V5 is here!

The wait is over! We are pleased to announce the release of PSCAD Version 5 (V5).

In this new era, PSCAD V5 harnesses the power of parallel computing, enables powerflow data migration, and permits full application automation via scripting. These new features ensure that the simulation of large electric networks, is faster and more efficient than ever!


  • Faster simulations with new enhancements
  • All updated features
  • New Python Automation scripting with recording
  • New Blackbox controls and electrical components
  • New Master Library components
  • PSCAD Initializer

For a full list of all our new features and additions, please click here.

New PSCAD V5 feature videos can be viewed here.



  • Convert PSS/E or PowerFactory to PSCAD
  • Define a study area with a Network Equivalence
  • Import Dynamics/Sequence data/Single Line Diagram coordinates



  • FFT analysis tools
  • Python Automation scripting with recording
  • New Enerplot video can be viewed here.


PSCAD users with active software maintenance are eligible for this upgrade for a fraction of the cost and can choose from:

  • the Base Package - which includes PSCAD and Initializer - or
  • the Enhanced Package - which also includes PRSIM and Enerplot.


How to purchase V5

To purchase a new license, please contact our Sales Team. To upgrade an existing license, please send the information outlined in this document to our Sales Team and we will be happy to assist.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support of PSCAD!