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Características / Capacidades v4.2 X4 (4.3) X4 (4.4) X4 (4.5) X4 (4.6)
Global Substitutions
Component Properties Viewer
User Support Petition Request
Line Constants Detailed Output Viewer
Tri-Segmented Wire Type
Unit Converter
Phasor Meter Device
Navigation History Buttons
Multi-meter Component
Potential Transformer (PT)
Permanent Magnet (PM) Synchronous Machine Model
Multiple Instance Modules  
EMTDC Runtime Configuration  
XML-Based Project Files  
Transmission Segment Mutual Coupling  
Module Independent Subsystem Splitting  
Oscilloscope Metering Device  
Save Graphic Objects to File  
Zoom Rectangle and Extents  
Saturable Reactor Model  
Spark Gap Model  
Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) Model  
Enhanced Auto-Transformer Model  
Transmission Segment DC Correction Algorithm  
Unique Ground Wires in Transmission Towers  
Hollow Transmission Conductor Support  
PI Section Auto-Creation  
Ribbon Control Bar    
Tabbed Project Interface    
Enhanced Component Wizard    
Docked Parameters Window    
Output Module Parameters    
Windows Regional Settings Control    
1-Phase, L-L Fixed Load Model    
Space-Vector Modulation (SVM)    
Pipe-Type Cable Model    
Semi-Conductor Layers in Coax Cable Model    
Ideal Cable Cross-Bonding    
Buried Non-Insulated Cables    
Saad Earth Return Approximation Formula    
Frequency-Dependent Ground Conductivity    
Inter-Project Module Instances      
Multiple Workspaces      
Blackbox Modules      
Simulations Sets / Multiple EMTDC      
64-Bit Option      
Transmission Segments Solved in Parallel      
EMTDC Message Log Window      
Enhanced v4.2 Import Functions      
Photovoltaic (PV) Source Model      
Multi-Dimensional CSMF Components      
Aerial Transmission Cables      
IEEE 2005 Standard Exciter / Stabilizers      
Transmission Segment Passivity Checking      
Branch Number Searching      
Electric Network Interface (ENI)        
Volley Launch/Root Control        
Certificate Licensing        
Comparator Tool        
Parameter Grid Pane        
Layers Pane        
Bird’s Eye View Navigation Pane        
Intel Fortran 14 & 15 Support        
Component Licensing        
Intelligent Parallel Multiple-Run (PMR-I)