• 26 Mayo 2021

    Webinar and Demo | Real-time Simulation for De-Risking Energy Storage Integration

Join RTDS Technologies and the IEEE for a free webinar on real-time simulation and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing for energy storage devices. The RTDS Simulator, which executes electromagnetic transient (EMT) simulations of the power system in real time, is becoming an increasingly critical tool for power system innovators.

Real-time simulators are used by manufacturers, utilities, research and learning institutions, and consultants to study the impact of energy storage systems on the grid, and to subject their associated controls to HIL testing. HIL testing is the most comprehensive way to validate protection and control schemes in the laboratory environment prior to deployment, de-risking the integration of energy storage elements and other aspects of grid modernization.

This webinar will provide:

  • Background on the theory and value of real-time simulation and HIL testing for power systems engineers
  • Overview of the different applications of this tool, including microgrids, cybersecurity, and distribution automation
  • A look at the RTDS Simulator’s available models for electrical and mechanical energy storage systems
  • Screencapture demonstration of a real-time simulation including battery and flywheel systems
  • Q&A with a simulation specialist

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Webinar online
26 Mayo 2021
Inicio 16:00 Fin 17:30