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Altair PollEx is the most comprehensive and integrated set of PCB design viewing, analysis and verification tools for electrical, electronics and manufacturing engineers.

Altair PollEx is a PCB-level Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software suite covering design review, analysis and manufacturing. It significantly reduces development cycles while providing a common communication application between schematic engineers, PCB designers, CAE analysts, and manufacturing engineers.

Delivering electronics that delight consumers requires more than just linking the ECAD and MCAD worlds. It requires physics-based analysis at the speed of design and collaboration across disciplines throughout development. PollEx brings Altair’s simulation-driven design philosophy to the electronics industry, inspiring innovation while ensuring timing, performance, reliability, and compliance targets are met.

PollEx is not just a PCB verification tool, it is solution that accelerates the development of today’s smart, connected, and tightly packaged electronic products. It is used by global industry leaders to improve efficiency, increase performance, enable teamwork, and enhance collaboration. Altair offers tools for full system analysis that integrate mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, and embedded code design flow with PCB design.

“It’s difficult but possible to make electronic appliances without ECAD but for us, it is impossible to think about planning a new product without the PollEx toolset.”
–Youngrae Cho, Senior Design Manager
LG Electronics.

PollEx can import designs from different major ECAD vendors, such as Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Zuken and Altium, as well as industrial neutral formats like ODB++ and IPC2581. Using the imported PCB design, PollEx supports verification of design for manufacturability (DFM), design for assembly (DFA), and design for electrical engineering (DFE), along with analyses (SI and thermal).

PollEx PCB Modeler supports design review, query, search, measure, net 3D, net topology, data extraction and the possibility to save and securely share specific areas of the design. In addition, it supports schematic and Gerber design reviews. Another powerful function is the automatic comparison between PCB designs, schematics and BOM data.

PollEx PCB Verification checks the quality of designs in terms of manufacturing, assembly and electrical engineering. It provides intuitive rule definitions via input dialogs, advanced results viewing and easy documentation features.

PollEx PCB Solvers provide signal integrity and board level thermal analysis. For signal integrity, PollEx is based on 2D and 3D electromagnetic field solvers providing different types of analysis, including transmission line, eye diagram and crosstalk analysis, besides network RLGC parameters extraction. For thermal analysis, based on FEM, PollEx calculates heat dissipation from components on boards. All analyses are supported by a built-in material library, with parts’ properties obtained from Unified Part Libraries (UPFs)

PollEx PCB Modeler to view the schematic layout, explore actual layered PCB structures in 2D or 3D, create component & BOM lists etc.

Rule based verification tool PollEx DFM – Design for Manufacturability

Schematic viewer interfacing with many EDA tools

Waveform viewer for eye diagrams as part of the Signal Integrity (SI) post-processing

Real PCB Assembly Viewer allowing a 3D exploration of printed circuit boards with mounted components

Result of a thermal PCB analysis