Expertise in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Specialists in electrical engineering, power systems and power electronics. For over 25 years providing consulting services in electrical engineering.

We perform all types of studies for the design, planning and operation of power generation, transmission and distribution systems.

Our expertise in power systems provides our clients with a comprehensive array of engineering services. We deliver exceptional knowledge, expertise, and solutions for the global power industry, including power system studies and project management services

We have extensive experience in power systems planning and operational studies using various software tools, such as PSCAD, PSS®E, PSS®SINCAL, RTDS, PowerFactory, EMTP-RV, etc. Services are provided to utilities, consultants, industrial clients, equipment manufacturers, and industry leaders. We work closely with research and academic organizations, owners and operators of utilities, as well as regulators. We have a unique advantage and understanding of simulation studies many other engineering service providers don’t have.

We offer our clients an array of solutions in the following areas:

  • Load flow, short circuit, and dynamic studies:
    • System planning studies
    • Operational planning studies (short term planning)
    • Transfer limits
    • System impact studies (HVDC, wind, solar)
  • Insulation coordination studies, including temporary (TOV), switching (SOV) and lightning (LOV) overvoltages
  • Breaker transient recovery voltage studies (TRV)
  • FACTs and synchronous condenser based solutions for performance improvement
  • Sub-Synchronous Oscillation studies (SSO), including:
    • Sub-Synchronous Resonance studies (SSR)
    • Sub-Synchronous Controller Interaction studies (SSCI)
    • Sub-Synchronous Torsional Interaction studies (SSTI)
  • System restoration studies (black start)
  • Power quality studies - harmonic, flicker
  • Transmission line field effects and corona analysis
  • Custom model development