PSS®DE techno-economic simulation software helps you realize decarbonization goals for onsite generation.

PSS®DE is a techno-economic simulation software that helps you understand how to maximize the value of your sites investments to reduce CO2 emissions. Simulate how DER technologies, combined with EV charging, can be integrated in your energy system, and quantify how investments will contribute to your decarbonization goals

PSS®DE in a nutshell

The energy transition needs cutting-edge solutions to accelerate towards a more sustainable and resilient world. Our techno-economic simulation software PSS®DE helps you understand how to maximize the value of your energy asset investment, reduce levelized cost of electricity (LCoE) while optimizing CO2 emission reductions. Simulate how Distributed Energy Resource (DER) technologies, combined with varying loads as well as EV charging, can be optimally integrated into your energy system. Quantify how investments will contribute to your decarbonization goals. Future-proof your investment decisions for sustainable onsite energy supply with PSS®DE.

Clarity – Get more value on your way to net-zero

PSS®DE gives you a clear view of how DER, thermal, and hydrogen assets accelerate your net-zero journey. It highlights how to reduce running costs and create new revenue streams. Its algorithms create accurate and realistic scenarios. By easily comparing multiple scenarios, you quickly gain clarity for key decisions. This helps you make better, faster budget and investment decisions as you map out your net-zero journey.

Confidence – Select and size assets with peace of mind

PSS®DE identifies the technologies and energy assets most suitable to achieve your goals – and helps you define their size. For this, its contextualized high-resolution modeling draws on your site’s resources and load requirements, your business model, selected financial parameters, and your target vision.

Speed – Align concept, planning, and operation

PSS®DE’s reality-near simulations link planning expectations to operation. The integrated financial evaluation helps you quickly grasp key impacts on stakeholders and gain an initial impression of potential tariff structures for Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). The techno-economic simulation of hybrid power systems seamlessly integrates with Siemens Grid Edge applications.

Security – Keep data safe and accessible in the cloud

With built-in security and easy access, the cloud-based software-as-a-service comes with a single landing page where a team collaborates and manages net-zero projects, anytime and anywhere. PSS®DE leverages the computing power in the cloud and avoids the installation and maintenance of on-premises software..